Music Biography and Resume

Mori has written and composed original music since the age of 12, self-taught in the art of singing, mixing and composition; Mori began using FL Studio in 7th grade, producing songs with his grunge band 12:35.

In addition to composing, Mori sings, plays guitar, and writes music for otaku pop-rock band MoriHime and has recorded for multiple pop/punk/grunge/rock/electronic/trip-hop bands such as The Pink Strings, Side B, Azarashi, and Die White Dahlia, as well as collaborating with multiple artists for projects such as The Crossroads Orchestra, and Kuudere.

Today, Mori's music has been incorporated into multiple video games, and he is pursuing a career in music. Mori continues to compose music for video games, and hopes to one day expand his horizons into anime/film score.

Past and Current Projects