All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced in FL Studio. To inquire about additional samples, please contact me.

EXPERIMENTAL: Voiceover Demos

"Midnight Rock"

A grungy, breezy rock piece with a nostalgic air.

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Hot-blooded tokusatsu punk rock, partially inspired by Team Nekokan

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"Prayer of Sorrow"

Despaired-feeling visual kei inspired anime opening theme, created for an anime-style horror video game. Vocals performed by me and lyrics written by me as well.

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A dreary, dark grunge rock song heavily inspired by Akira Yamaoka and Yasushi Ishii.

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"Escape from Burning Castle"

Me deciding to go full punk rock. P.S. coming up with song names was never my forte

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"Deadly Standoff"

Our noble hero stands off against his powerful rival! (A JRPG-esque battle theme utilizing punk-y guitars and a 90s MIDI orchestra.)


"Orange-tinted Sunset"

A quiet, relaxing piece utilizing acoustic guitar and piano as the main instruments.

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"Night Fantasy"

An energetic, 2009 nightcore-ish trance piece.

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"Moe Moe Time"

Exactly what it says! A moe pop-rock piece using guitar and synth.

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"Adrenaline GO!"

An energetic synth-rock piece, originally made for a scrapped RPG game.

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"Happy Lucky GO!"

A heavier pop-rock piece that never slows down for anyone!

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"Burning DJ"

Smooth yet gritty DnB for the soul.

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"Shooting Star"

A spacey pop-rock piece with tons of emotion.

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"MoriHime - Beyond The Stars"

An emotional otaku pop-rock song written for my fictional anime band MoriHime. Me on vocals and guitar.

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